About Us

Welcome to Our World!

Students studying world languages and cultures at Ledyard High School know that our world is so much more than we can see or even understand, and they strive to learn about it everyday.

Our students learn to:

  • communicate;
  • understand culture;
  • make connections between languages and cultures;
  • compare products, practices and perspectives; and
  • explore our communities.

Karaoke in Québec

Our Program

We offer four levels of French including UCONN French, plus students may opt for AP French via Virtual High School. We offer five levels of Spanish including UCONN/AP Spanish. In addition, we have an immersion Spanish program focusing on functioning orally. Finally, we offer French I and Spanish I at the middle school.

Ordering food in Spanish Harlem

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Ledyard High School World Languages and Cultures Department to offer Language education that promotes effective communication skills and an awareness of cultural and human diversity by providing a program that considers individual learning styles and actively involves all students in the learning process, thereby challenging them to achieve their potential.