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School is out for the summer!...1st day back: Thursday, September 2

Awards Night - June 3, 2021; 6:00pm
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Scholarships 2021

Daily Announcements:

New Student Orientation. Ledyard High School will host an orientation program for new students on Wednesday, August 25. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details!

Scholarships. Senior friends! There is a red link above called "Scholarships 2021." You should check it! The scholarships listed there are updated regularly. Also, be sure to follow @ledyardguidance on Twitter and Instagram, and check their #cash4colonels to get more scholarship leads!

Prospective freshmen! Check out the videos below to help orient you to LHS!
Overview of LHS Faces and Places
Introduction to AgriScience
Let's Talk About Art
Get Moving with Ledyard Athletics
LHS Music: Proud Past, Bright Future

Bullying Complaint Form

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Core Values & Learning Expectations

Core Values Statement:

The Ledyard High School community maintains a safe, respectful and supportive learning environment that promotes student responsibility and independence. Dynamic instruction and diverse academic and extracurricular offerings empower students to develop the knowledge, skills, and qualities necessary for success in our global society.

Academic Expectations:

1. Read and write critically and effectively for a variety of purposes. RUBRIC

2. Communicate information clearly and effectively in a variety of settings. RUBRIC

3. Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills effectively. RUBRIC

4. Employ effective research and study skills. RUBRIC

Civic and Social Expectations:

1. Demonstrate citizenship, integrity, and respect for self and others. RUBRIC

2. Contribute to a safe and supportive learning environment. RUBRIC

3. Demonstrate independence and self-reliance. RUBRIC

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