AP Testing

My AP Resources – a new site from the College Board for students and parents: https://myap.collegeboard.org/login



The CollegeBoard has instituted a new AP registration/ordering process beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, for the May 2020 exam administration and beyond.   Per CollegeBoard policy, exam registration/ordering will now be held in the fall of each school year.   While the fee of $94.00 per exam remains the same for this year, the procedure and timeline have changed.   Your student will commit to taking their respective AP exam(s) by November 1, 2019.   This commitment includes payment made to LHS and turned into the Guidance Office by 2:30 on Friday November 1, 2019.  


Key information about the new registration process:


  • All AP students will use their CollegeBoard username and password to log into myap.collegeboard.org (**Students who already have a College Board account should make sure they know their existing user name and password and DO NOT create a new account).  


  • After signing in, students will see their personalized MyAP homepage.  Teachers will give students a class specific join code for each of their AP classes.  Students will enter them to be enrolled in the course(s).  This also facilitates order identification and submission and allows students to access AP Classroom online coursework.


  • Once your student has enrolled in AP course(s) through CollegeBoard using the provided join code(s), they will automatically be designated as taking the AP exam for their specific course(s), in May.   If they decide to not participate in the exam administration, your student will need to let their school counselor know by November 1st.   If they choose to take the exam, they must submit payment to the Guidance Office by November 1st.   As in previous years, there will be course specific payment forms given to each AP teacher to distribute to their students.  Students will need to submit this form along with payment to Guidance.  A separate registration form and check are required for each exam.  Checks should be made payable to ‘Ledyard High School’, with the name of the test written in to the memo line.


  • Exam fees and fee reductions have not changed for the 2019-20 school year, however AP has instituted two new fees – one for late registration and the other for cancelling the exam after it has been ordered.  If your family meets certain income guidelines, you may be eligible for a fee reduction.  See your AP teacher or Mrs. Toppa/Mrs. Duczynski for more details. 




Cost Per Exam

On time registration

Exam ordered by 11/1/19


Late registration

Exam ordered after 11/1/19

$94.00 plus $40.00 late fee

Unused/cancelled exam

Exam cancelled or not taken by the student after order has been submitted



Listed below are the day, date, and time for the most popular AP exams at Ledyard High School.  Other exams may be administered upon request.   Testing locations, permitted materials, and other details will be announced in May.



     EXAM                                        DAY                                                  DATE                                                         TIME                   

Calculus AB                         Tuesday                                 May 5, 2020                                         8:00 AM

Physics 2                               Wednesday                         May 6, 2020                                       12:00 PM

Chemistry                             Thursday                              May 7, 2020                                         8:00 AM

Physics 1                               Thursday                              May 7, 2020                                       12:00 PM

United States History     Friday                                    May 8, 2020                                          8:00 AM

Biology                                  Monday                                 May 11, 2020                                       8:00 AM

Environmental Sci.           Monday                                 May 11, 2020                                     12:00 PM

Spanish Language             Tuesday                                 May 12, 2020                                       8:00 AM

Psychology                           Tuesday                                 May 12, 2020                                     12:00 PM

English Language               Wednesday                         May 13, 2020                                       8:00 AM

Computer Sci Princ.          Friday                                    May 15, 2020                                       8:00 AM

Statistics                                 Friday                                    May 15, 2020                                      12:00PM


If you have any questions, please feel free to call Mrs. Toppa at 464-9600 x2711 or Mrs. Duczynski at 464-9600 x2710.  You can also reach us by email at ctoppa@ledyard.net or bduczynski@ledyard.net