Amigos de las Américas Club

The Amigos de las Américas Club promotes initiative and leadership through international service learning projects. At monthly meetings, students make presentations about their experiences with international service and investigate further opportunities to lead and serve abroad. Club members support each other as they raise funds and plan for their adventures.

AMIGOS  Volunteers from Ledyard 2011
  • Greg Hutchins - Nicaragua
  • Porter Reim - Ecuador
Volunteers from Ledyard 2010
  • Kim Machi - Dominican Rebuplic
  • Angela Maloney - Ecuador
  • Porter Reim - Paraguay
  • Emma Reim - Mexico (project supervisor)
Advisor: Mr. Jannke 

Students live independently in poor rural areas of Latin America. They teach classes, volunteer in health centers, and much more. They work closely with local youth to plan and implement community development projects, mostly aimed at improving health, education and the environment.

Many efforts to "help" people in less developed countries have negative long-term impacts. This is particularly true when wealthy nations give money, technology and material things. This kind of giving leads to dependency and apathy. However, efforts made to improve education, develop programs and inspire leadership do improve quality of life over the long run. AMIGOS focuses on youth education and leadership, planting seeds for decades of change.

Students participate in AMIGOS to significantly develop their leadership skills, improve their proficiency in Spanish, and of course, to serve others.



Rudy Fidrych ('08) and local friends in Honduras. Rudy volunteered in a rural community for 6 weeks during the summer of 2007.

Costa Rica

emma and lauren

Emma Reim ('09) and Lauren Lynch ('09 and not pictured) volunteered in rural Costa Rica for 6 weeks during the summer of 2007.



Emily Abbott ('07) went to Mexico to train youth leaders for the summer of 2006.

More Information Paraguay


Angela Maloney ('10) volunteered in rural Paraguay for 6 weeks during the summer of 2009.



Emma Reim ('09) volunteered in rural Nicaragua for 8 weeks during the summer of 2008.

Dominican Republic


Victoria Graf ('09) and local friends in the Dominican Republic. Tori volunteered in a rural community for 8 weeks during the summer of 2007.